The Trip

Expreso a Oriente - El Viaje

It was a strange triangular coincidence. Gastón was postponing to travel for five years. He didn´t find the time to do it, the courage or God knows what.  He was constantly threatening but he was still in Argentina. In 2012 that changed.

For his part, Hipólito returned in December, 2010 from a one year trip to New Zealand and Southeast Asia, and almost 515 days later – affected by the movement fever – he decided to keep on travelling.

And regarding Joaquín, already in 2005, when he was also in New Zealand, he started to think in the Trans-Siberian railway. At first it was only a fantasy that turn into a conviction in 2010. But of course, years made him much more pretentious and this first caprice became a huge project.

And here we are the three of us, lost in the middle of the planet. For eight months we will try to go through all the cultural sources that formed us as the people we are. Because we are Argentineans, and as such we are many things, too many things. That’s why this trip will also be too many trips. But I want to make clear that Expreso a Oriente is not a television show on strangeness, it´s a search based on the conviction that there are no cockroaches overnight … that what we have of insects we have it since ever.

That’s why we begin in Western Europe, to initiate the metamorphosis from our palpable side. Then there will come the countries that shaped the Soviet Union and of course, Russia. In Russia, the biggest country of the world we will visit the western cities but also its desolate Siberia. Afterwards, always in train, the passport will be stamped with the nomadic Mongolia. Then China, the pure East, its most obvious and remote expression.

At this point we don´t know what will we going to think about life, but the idea is to continue to Thailand, India, Arabia, Israel, Jordan … and the entire Middle East if possible. Maybe Egypt, Turkey and Greece. Such is our dream. Such is the madness that joints us.

Of course, we list countries, but in fact they are cultures. Features of the unique possible culture. To record the music of each village is to record the world´s music. Perhaps, if we join each common element that we find we will be able to reunite the origin of everything. Because at the beginning, religion apart, we were all the same. When did we stop being the same? When did we start thinking that we were not the same? After all, we will find out when did we become confused and begin to live as if there were several worlds. That is why we travel by land in this circular route, to record meter by meter the changes and coincidences. To see how a language slowly mutates into another language: German and Polish sound similar, Poles and Russians sound the same, Russians from Siberia and Mongols are almost the same, Mongols and Chinese… and Chinese … and Germans? There’s something in the progression that seems lost. How would it be the succession in fast camera of all the faces we shoot? Difference would be recognized? And if it is the same in culture? And if that we see as difference is only a condiment?  The world, we say, like a huge paella full of seafood and chicken, and curry and sauerkraut with grated cheese and raw meat … Anyhow, the appointment precedes the trip, “there are infinite universes, but all of them exist in this one”.