About Us

  • Gastón Bourdieu


    I decided I wanted to be a journalist when I realized that I was very fond of telling things. Eighteen years earlier my mom chose María as my second name, and 25 years later I decided to quit my job in a newspaper to travel all around the world. In some way, I decided to take a decision, and since then I invite everyone to do so. I madly enjoy dancing, eating rice and longboard riding. Some friends called me moustache. I roll my own cigarettes. I´m a clown (the dRummer, my hyperkinetic clown, who takes me every day for a walk to the good grazing). The positive energies only generate better energies, this is my creed. Good vibes. Amen.

  • Joaquín Sánchez Mariño

    Sánchez Mariño

    I like trains, tracks and stations. I like cities, narrow streets and dirty things. I like bikes, boarding passes and lakes. I like books more than anything. I like cold. I like silence. I like journalism too much (I discovered it four years ago and practice it since then in “Gente” Magazine). I like philosophy and culture, women and literature. I like languages I do not speak.

    I like travelling, adventures and the privilege to know some villages lost in the ass of the world. I like my family and my friends.  I like life, vertigo and chicken in all its variants.  I like gasoline smell and poetry.

  • Hipólito

    Giménez Blanco

    Some call me Popi and some Tito.  I´m publicist and a programmer, a little clumsy and Business Administration graduate.  I´m curious and enterprising. I like travelling and producing things. I drive badly, but I like it.  Sometimes I do nothing.  I´m excellent in cooking curries and football bores me.  My friends steal my fanaticism for music (I discover bands, they enjoy them).  Strangely, I´m an egomaniac who has idols (not me). I´m a killer whale and an elephant, I´m an Internet addict.  I sleep every time and everywhere. I carry more medicines than clothes in my backpack. I like people to ask me things.  I´m dogmatic and prejudiced.  I boast more about what I discover than what I invent (though I boast a lot about that).